Davos 2023: Palantir CEO predicts hiring while preparing for economic slowdown

Palantir Technologies Inc is still looking to grow its headcount even as it scrutinizes its spending and confronts economic uncertainty, its chief executive told Reuters.

Twitter’s laid-off workers cannot pursue claims via class-action lawsuit-judge

Twitter Inc has secured a ruling allowing the social media company to force several laid-off workers suing over their termination to pursue their claims via individual arbitration than a class-action lawsuit.

Kentucky bans TikTok from government-owned devices

Kentucky is joining more than 20 U.S. states in banning the popular video app TikTok on government devices citing cybersecurity concerns.

China to allow Didi apps back online

Chinese authorities are set to allow Didi Global’s ride-hailing and other apps back on domestic app stores as soon as next week, five sources told Reuters, in yet anothe signal that their two-year regulatory crackdown on the technology sector is ending.

Twitter says no evidence new user data leaks were obtained via system bug

Twitter Inc said on Wednesday that there was no evidence that data recently being sold online was obtained by exploiting a vulnerability in the company’s systems.

Astronomers discover Milky Way galaxy’s most-distant stars

Astronomers have detected in the stellar halo that represents the Milky Way’s outer limits a group of stars more distant from Earth than any known within our own galaxy – almost halfway to a neighboring galaxy.

‘Cyber incident’ hits UK Royal Mail

Royal Mail says it is not able to send items from the United Kingdom to other countries because of “a cyber incident”.